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A Trip to Home Depot Turns into Hands-Only CPR Saving My Life

This blog was written by Gregory Schreppel, a survivor of cardiac arrest thanks to immediate bystander CPR. 

Gregory with family, EMS personnel and off-duty nurse who delivered care at the 2016 Johnson County HeartSafe Heroes Celebration. Left to Right: Son Corbyn Schreppel, son Brayden Schreppel, Heather Schreppel, Paramedic Sarah Grass and her children Emma and Olivia (in her arms), Gregory Schreppel, Paramedic Gregg Bollella, off-duty nurse Kim Dubrow with her son and husband.

A Home Depot store in Olathe, Kansas was the scene where I crossed paths with kind strangers, Hands-Only CPR and emergency personnel in December 2015. I was in the market for underground electrical conduit for the home my family was building and stopped by our local store on a Saturday morning. While consulting with a store employee, the employee noticed I didn’t look well and urged me to take a seat. Shortly thereafter, a woman who happened to be an off-duty nurse passed down the aisle and noticed some unusual activity. Thinking I was having a seizure, she helped me to the floor. She soon determined I was indeed in cardiac arrest and began chest compressions while the Home Depot store manager called 9-1-1.

When the Olathe Fire Department and MED-ACT personnel arrived, they assumed responsibility for my care and found me in ventricular fibrillation; immediately, they used an AED to deliver a shock. Over the span of 19 minutes, a total of six shocks were delivered. At the […]

July 25th, 2017|2 Comments