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The Association Abroad: CPR in India

Even though we have “American” in our name, the American Heart Association is dedicated to promoting CPR and First Aid education in communities around the world. This month, we’re taking some time this week to recognize activities our Instructors in India undertook earlier this year.  In November 2017 and January 2018, these Instructors led special events in India that trained [...]

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Mom of toddler stays calm, saves life with CPR

Most of us look forward to family get-togethers and celebrations, never thinking that the happiness of such good times could be stolen in an instant. But that’s what almost happened to Amy Steelman and her two-year-old, Hannah, at a birthday party for Amy’s grandmother in Norman, Okla. in August, 2010. Both Amy and Hannah were eager to reconnect with family, [...]

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Moving Behind-the-Scenes: A Small Business Success Story

How does a medical professional take skills learned in the field and translate them into a new career? One path forward is entrepreneurship. Today the CPR & First Aid Blog talks with Josh Dishaw, founder of RESTART in Middlebury, Vermont.  Q: Josh, thank you for speaking with us. Would you start by sharing a little about your background? A: Of [...]

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Kansas teen saved by Hands-Only CPR

Emma Baker was 13 and eight days into a New Year’s resolution she’d made not to spring things on her parents at the last minute. Her mother, Cate, was on a business trip to Atlanta from their home in Rose Hill, Kansas, so Emma called her dad, Scott, for permission to go to a spelling bee in nearby Buhler on [...]

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How Hands-Only CPR Let One Family Say Goodbye

February is Heart Month, a time when we recognize that cardiovascular disease kills 2,200 Americans each day, and more than 900 of these die from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. The American Heart Association trained more than 22 million people in CPR last year, but few ever think, “That could be me.” Even the Association’s own Krisca Gould, a CPR in Schools [...]

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2017 Hands-Only CPR Campaign Trains 4.6 Million New Lifesavers

Hit rewind and watch the highlights of the 2017 Anthem Foundation and American Heart Association Hands-Only CPR campaign. David Heidrich had never heard of Hands-Only CPR until August when the American Heart Association’s 2017 Hands-Only CPR Mobile Tour stopped in Augusta, Maine to teach the lifesaving skill. “Push Hard and Fast in the Center of the Chest” is the [...]

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AHA in the Classroom: CPR Education for Kindergarten through College

Evelyn Massey, MD, teaches CPR to local students and school faculty. Readers of the AHA CPR & First Aid Blog are no strangers to teaching CPR. However, few focus almost exclusively on the next generation of lifesavers like Evelyn Massey, MD, does. Dr. Massey serves as director of life support education at Loma Linda University in California, where [...]

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High-Quality CPR in the Field: Higher Standards Buy Precious Time

The remote town of Waterville Valley, New Hampshire seems like a movie setting. It’s a picturesque New England village, home to world class ski slopes and a local high school dedicated to training the next generation of Olympic skiers. Working outside is standard practice for Waterville Valley, in the heart of New Hampshire's ski country. Here, AHA Instructor Jeff [...]

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Better Training for Better Outcomes: Innovative Solutions in Louisville

Janice Morgan is the coordinator of the Louisville Metro EMS Training Center, which spreads across 80+ sites with more than 1,500 Instructors. She is an AHA Hands-Only CPR Instructor, a passionate advocate of improving CPR training for both medical professionals and the public at-large, and seeks to make Kentucky a national leader in adoption of RQI for first responders.  [...]

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Taking CPR Abroad: The Gift of Life

AHA Instructor Hannah Jamsay In advance of World Heart Day (September 29), we welcome a guest piece from Hannah Jamsay, CEO and Executive Director of Uplift Internationale (UI) and an AHA Instructor. UI is a Denver, CO based non-profit specializing in bringing life-changing facial reconstructive surgeries to impoverished children in the Philippines. Living in America warps your perception. [...]

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