Building a New Generation of Heroes

Our community-based CPR & First Aid initiatives would not be possible without the help of generous sponsors. At the American Heart Association, we are passionate about educating and training as many people as possible in lifesaving CPR skills, and one of the ways we strive to accomplish this is through our CPR in Schools program. Ross Stores recognized the importance of this mission and mirrored our passion for educating the next generation of heroes.

Building a New Generation of HeroesThrough an in-store cash register campaign that ran in 1,132 Ross stores across the country for four weeks in January and February, the retail chain and its patrons raised a whopping $2.77 million to support CPR in Schools. One hundred percent of the money raised during these two months will be donated to benefit the national program.


Ross customers were able to get a sense of the impact this campaign would have by reading about real life CPR heroes and survivors like Tommy Watson and Caleb Tisdale that were featured on in-store promotional flyers. These brave kids give the CPR in Schools program a face and validate the need for such an important fundraiser.

Building a New Generation of Heroes

We would like to thank Ross and their customers for their generosity and for recognizing the importance of creating more heroes like Tommy and Caleb.

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