Holiday Heroism: How one family will be forever “thankful” for CPR

Susan Brooks is a fitness instructor and elementary and middle school archery and track coach in Shawnee, OK. She has been AHA trained in CPR for 30 years. Susan agreed to be interviewed by the AHA CPR & First Aid Blog to share her own holiday miracle with us this season. Susan, tell us your story. It was Thanksgiving Day [...]

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“I’m a Survivor Too:” A paramedic’s story of being on the other side

  Pictured left to right: Devin Goenner (son), Rita Berrier (Paramedic), Chris Goenner, Jodi Goenner (wife), Scott Hess (Paramedic), and Blair Richey (Paramedic) It was October of 2007 when Christopher Goenner collapsed in front of his colleagues. Chris was only 32 and in seeming perfect health. But Chris’s heart had gone into ventricular tachycardia (VTAC)—an irregular rhythm that [...]

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CPR and a Haircut: A story of survival from one of our own

Demetria Cameron is a project coordinator with the American Heart Association’s ECC Global Marketing team. She is based in Dallas, TX. The evening of Friday, August 31st, 2018 is one that I will never forget. I had taken my son to our local barbershop for a haircut. Considering we usually go on Saturdays, I believe this little change in our [...]

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CPR Learned in School Saves Mom’s Life

This blog is authored by Hayley Meyer, a nursing assistant at the Medical University of South Carolina. Below is her story of how she and her family saved her mom, Pauline, during the scariest night of their lives.    https://vimeo.com/251332595 It was the night of November 15, 2016, nine days before Thanksgiving—a time when families gather to celebrate their [...]

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From Nightmare to Miracle: A Son is Saved by Mother’s CPR

Stephanie Lentell says, "I want all my friends and family to take a Heartsaver course...it could save the life of your loved one." Stephanie Lentell is a mom of four living in Port Orchard, Washington. Knowing CPR became a matter of life or death when her son, Michael, collapsed from cardiac arrest. Here she recounts her story -- [...]

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100,000 and counting: Hands-Only CPR training kiosks hit milestone

This blog is authored by Danielle Cortes DeVito, who is a paramedic, National CPR instructor and a tireless advocate for CPR. Danielle DeVito (R) shows Lourdes A. Rodriguez of Turnkey Training/Chicago Heartsave the Hands-Only CPR Training Kiosk at the kiosk launch at O'Hare International Airport on Feb. 24, 2016. As a paramedic, I’ve seen firsthand how CPR performed [...]

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CPR Saved My Son: A Mother’s Story

This blog is authored by Stacey Hittle, a hospital Medical Intensive Care Unit and Critical Care registered nurse. Even though she is familiar with CPR, she never expected to learn about its value in such a personal way. Below is her story.     It was February 24, 2017, and my husband, David, and I were both at work. It was [...]

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A Survivor’s Message of Hope

A Message for Others from Bruce Richardson “You never know when you have heart disease. One of the first symptoms of heart disease is death. So, I challenge everyone to make sure that your physical heart is in good shape – live healthy and see your doctor – and also make sure that your ‘personal heart’ is in good shape. [...]

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When Seconds Matter: CPR Saves a Life During an Otherwise Everyday Shopping Trip

It was a normal, quiet Sunday afternoon. Paul Minton had been to church and filled his car with gas, and he was in his way to meet his son for lunch when he opted to stop into Target for a few quick items. He recalls walking into the store… and then nothing. The rest of the day is gone, because [...]

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Houston Program Aims to Close Gaps in Bystander Response to Cardiac Arrest

Community CPR training sponsored by Tomball performed at a local school. The data on survival rates after cardiac arrest – nearly 90% do not make it – shows that we’re not doing enough to protect our loved ones, and for American Heart Association, the Tomball Regional Health Foundation (TRHF), and Association volunteer Ron Mullins, that isn’t good enough. In [...]

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