Extending Our Science Globally to Save Children’s Lives

Did you know that 6.3 MILLION children around the world die every year before they reach their fifth birthday, often from common, preventable and treatable illnesses like pneumonia, diarrhea and other infections? And that more than 20% of those deaths occur in India – 1.26 MILLION children this year? These are startling statistics we find unacceptable, especially when quick and correct treatment can make the difference in whether these children live or die.

That is where the American Heart Association’s science and knowledge can help. We have the research and training to make a difference, and are working to share the solutions that we’ve implemented domestically in other countries to save more lives.

Today, I’m honored to announce the Saving Children’s Lives: India program and campaign. Using our very own Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization (PEARS®) training materials, this pilot program aims to train community and in-hospital healthcare providers in Gujarat, India in the skills needed to treat illnesses that lead to mortality in children under five. The additional training of new instructors will ensure sustainability that can create a positive effect throughout India.

Saving Childrens Lives TrainingWe know this training works. Saving Children’s Lives programs in Botswana and Tanzania have trained hundreds of healthcare providers to successfully identify and treat the most common illnesses that lead to Under Five Mortality.

The AHA has been working internationally for decades to extend our impact into more countries, and we join many other governmental and non-governmental organizations, healthcare providers and people around the world in this effort to save the lives of children.

We are grateful to our generous supporter, Impelsys, who has committed to match the first $25,000 in donations. With this match, your donation can essentially double!

I’m asking each of you two take two minutes and do two things:

  1. Visit the crowdfunding page and donate at your comfort level. We are offering tokens of our thanks at each level.
  2. Commit spreading this message to five friends. The more who know about this issue, the more people who can make a difference.

Every child deserves to live a long healthy life, no matter where they live. I urge you, my friends, family, and colleagues, to pledge a donation on our Saving Children’s Lives crowdfunding site today. Our fundraising goal is ambitious but we can achieve this with your help.

Because… Life is Why.

Saving Childrens Lives Group