Our Heartfelt Thanks This National Nurses Week

Nurses don’t necessarily have the extra time, but they do have extra big hearts. That’s why we’re so thankful for the hard work and dedication of nurses working tirelessly to improve patient outcomes. CPR saves lives, and nurses have an instrumental role in the chain of survival by providing lifesaving CPR daily. We can’t say it enough – thank you to all nurses for everything you do.

So, for my blog post we wanted to talk to a few nurses to find out what makes them passionate about what they do and why they think people should learn CPR:

+ Jacqueline Barrowitz, RN, CPN in the Short Stay Unit in the Emergency Department at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth:

“I decided I wanted to be a nurse in 1970 when I watched an ER doctor put stitches in my arm. I am able to incorporate my skills with compassion and a healing touch to serve my pediatric patients and their parents in a fulfilling way.”

 “When I was a nursing student I was so excited to learn CPR and to know that I could possibly save a life. Over the years, the techniques have changed and improved – but the goal of saving lives is the same.  Perhaps someday, with the help of the American Heart Association, 100% of Americans will learn how to save a life.”

+ Yasmeen Khedery, RN, BSN in the Medical/Surgery Department at Texas Health Resources HEB

“Ever since I can remember, I loved to take care of, nurture, and teach people. Nursing is a profession that requires you to use your mind to promote health and safety, and your heart for healing and emotional support. It’s unlike any other job, you have so many roles with one title.”

 “CPR is a vital skill that can save someone’s life, it’s that simple! And the fact is that you never know when you may need it, but you will be so thankful in the case you ever have to use it. If you have the right education and the situation arises you will be more confident knowing you actually know what to do.”

+ Charissa Parker, RN, BSN in the Emergency Department at Baylor, Scott & White at Carrollton

“I became a nurse because it encompasses everything I love to do: learn, teach, and to care. It’s always challenging me which makes me love my job that much more. I am currently an emergency room registered nurse so CPR is quite important in my job. Everyone should learn CPR because it’s a key component to possibly giving someone another day to live. It’s known that early intervention of basic CPR by everyday civilians has saved numerous lives since they are the first to respond- not just us!”

Wow! What courageous nurses we have out there working hard every day to save you and your loved ones! We created this “Thank You” Vine (below) to recognize all of the wonderful nurses around the world. Do your part and say “Thank You” to a nurse this week and tell them how much you appreciate everything they do!