Keeping Our Tune with New Hands-Only CPR Video

What do the American Heart Association, Anthem Foundation and Street Corner Symphony all have in common? They want you to #keepthebeat and learn Hands-Only CPR, a capella style!

The scary statistic is that 70 percent of Americans feel helpless to act during a cardiac emergency because they don’t know how to administer CPR or they are afraid of hurting the victim. CPR, especially if performed immediately, can double or triple a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival. It only takes a minute to learn Hands-Only CPR and with 70 percent of all out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happening at home, the life you save is likely to be someone you know and love.

With funding from the Anthem Foundation, the American Heart Association is debuting a new Hands-Only CPR music-based training video, designed to showcase the simplicity and lifesaving benefits of Hands-Only CPR. The video features the unique sounds of the wildly-talented a capella group, Street Corner Symphony, and is available now at Check it out here:

“For the past three years, we’ve been working closely with the American Heart Association to help educate people about Hands-Only CPR. To date, we’ve trained more than three million people in this lifesaving skill with the goal of preparing people to save the lives of perfect strangers, or those they love most,” said Lance Chrisman, Executive Director, Anthem Foundation.

Hands-Only CPR has just two easy steps: If you see a teen or adult suddenly collapse, (1) Call 9-1-1; and (2) Push hard and fast in the center of the chest to the beat of the disco song “Stayin’ Alive.”

What are you waiting for? Visit and share our video with your friends to #keepthebeat and learn how to help save a life!