National EMS Week from a Mother’s Perspective

Note from John: First responders are key links in the Chain of Survival, and we celebrate this National EMS Week by thanking all of the wonderful emergency medical professionals for their tireless dedication, time and passion. This week is especially meaningful for Lucy Goulet, who not only can thank her son Steven for being an EMT, but also thank the nurse that gave him CPR and saved his life 9 years ago. I’ve asked Lucy to write a guest blog post to share her story with my readers so we can all acknowledge the importance of these unsung heroes.

On November 2nd, 2006, my son, Steven, 26 at the time, went out for a beer after work. After a short time, he put his head down on the bar and his friends couldn’t wake him up. His heart had stopped. They began yelling for help and called 911. Luckily, a nurse, Carol Petrin, had gotten off her shift early that night and was already there with friends. She immediately started doing CPR. At the same time one of my son’s friends had contacted us only saying that he had passed out and to come to the club they were at.

The nurse continued CPR but was getting tired and decided to quickly teach the patrons in the bar CPR and so they could continue while she took a breather. The police started doing CPR before EMS arrived and then EMS took over as soon as they got there.

My husband and I rushed to the club, but almost 15 minutes had passed. When we arrived we found paramedics over my son doing CPR and injecting his heart with medication to try to revive him. I immediately thought it was too late, too much time had passed. They were able to get a heartbeat after 22 minutes. He has since been diagnosed with Brugada Syndrome and has a permanent defibrillator and pace maker.

Steven is now working as an Emergency Medical Technician, or an EMT. He has a deep interest on cardiac conditions and wants to help save others like the EMS and first responders saved him that fateful night. Steven became an Emergency Medical Technician because he wanted to give back after this experience and save someone else’s life. He believes that if everyone knew CPR, it would save many people.

Lucy believes people should learn the correct way to do CPR because that is what saved her son. If the nurse hadn’t been there and hadn’t known how to do CPR, Lucy thinks Steven might not have survived – but he did and also did not suffer any brain damage.

Lucy wants to thank nurses and EMS Professionals everywhere for saving lives like her son Steven. Thank a first responder today by sharing our Vine below, and remind them we appreciate them for all they do.

2 thoughts on “National EMS Week from a Mother’s Perspective”

  1. I worked as an EMT for 8 years and never tire of hearing such great stories. As a BLS instructor for the past 15 years, stirring an interest in students the importance of knowing what to do and how simple it is, is a priority. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is amazing how 3 simple steps can save a life. I have been teaching ACLS since 1994 and BLS since 2001. I never get tired showing my students the proper way to do CPR or helping a choking victim. I always say, you’ll never know whose life you’re going to save.

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