The Laerdal Alliance – Celebrating 10 Years

Today I am proud to celebrate the past 10 years of our formal strategic relationship with Laerdal Medical, formed from the American Heart Association’s (AHA) need to enter the digital and self-directed learning space. Our collaboration has created innovative and mission advancing solutions that neither organization could have accomplished alone.

As AHA’s first “strategic relationship” with a for-profit company, together we have shown the tremendous innovative potential of these types of alliances. Our shared vision to solve unmet needs in emergency cardiovascular care training through innovation has, no doubt, saved countless lives.

The foundation of the relationship and focus on self-directed learning has remained consistent; however, we have made great strides at the strategic and operational levels, having evolved and matured dramatically to exceed our mission goals.

Several of our most significant innovations include HeartCode®, CPR Anytime®, RQI™ and the CPR in Schools Training Kit, and we have expanded to combine self-directed learning and international cooperation in emerging markets like China and India with programs like Saving Children’s Lives.

Our joint research and development activities around new methods and solutions are helping to ensure healthcare providers develop and maintain lifesaving skill competencies around the world.

The purpose of the AHA and Laerdal Alliance remains unwavering – focus on self-directed learning, international cooperation and research, and development of innovative solutions to drive positive health outcomes and our 2020 impact goals.

Here are a few pictures from today’s event:

Tore Laerdal discusses the early days.
Tore Laerdal discusses the early days.
Tore Laerdal and I reflecting on the Alliance.