High-Quality CPR in the Field: Higher Standards Buy Precious Time

The remote town of Waterville Valley, New Hampshire seems like a movie setting. It’s a picturesque New England village, home to world class ski slopes and a local high school dedicated to training the next generation of Olympic skiers. Working outside is standard practice for Waterville Valley, in the heart of New Hampshire's ski country. Here, AHA Instructor Jeff [...]

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Better Training for Better Outcomes: Innovative Solutions in Louisville

Janice Morgan is the coordinator of the Louisville Metro EMS Training Center, which spreads across 80+ sites with more than 1,500 Instructors. She is an AHA Hands-Only CPR Instructor, a passionate advocate of improving CPR training for both medical professionals and the public at-large, and seeks to make Kentucky a national leader in adoption of RQI for first responders.  [...]

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Taking CPR Abroad: The Gift of Life

AHA Instructor Hannah Jamsay In advance of World Heart Day (September 29), we welcome a guest piece from Hannah Jamsay, CEO and Executive Director of Uplift Internationale (UI) and an AHA Instructor. UI is a Denver, CO based non-profit specializing in bringing life-changing facial reconstructive surgeries to impoverished children in the Philippines. Living in America warps your perception. [...]

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AHA Volunteer’s Students Save Three Lives in One Day Using HOCPR

This month, the CPR & First Aid Blog catches up with Jon Gorman, RN, member of the New England ECC Regional Committee board and 25-year healthcare veteran.  Jon Gorman sets up for a community CPR demonstration. Jon, thank you so much for speaking with us today. Would you give us a brief summary of your background? Sure... I [...]

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A Trip to Home Depot Turns into Hands-Only CPR Saving My Life

This blog was written by Gregory Schreppel, a survivor of cardiac arrest thanks to immediate bystander CPR.  Gregory with family, EMS personnel and off-duty nurse who delivered care at the 2016 Johnson County HeartSafe Heroes Celebration. Left to Right: Son Corbyn Schreppel, son Brayden Schreppel, Heather Schreppel, Paramedic Sarah Grass and her children Emma and Olivia (in her arms), Gregory [...]

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One CPR class changed his entire life

The following story originally ran on AHA News June 1. When Manny Medina was 16, he didn’t know or care much about emergency cardiovascular care as he walked into a CPR class at his high school in Las Cruces, New Mexico. “But then I pulled out the (defibrillator) pads and all of a sudden I felt like I was on [...]

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AHA Celebrates EMS Week 2017: An Interview with Jeff Woodin, Lieutenant, Paramedic for Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue

What does EMS week mean to you? This week is an opportunity to recognize and acknowledge the efforts of EMS providers in our communities. It also allows these professionals to educate the public about the crucial functions we perform. AHA volunteer Jeff Woodin reflects on his 25-year career as a paramedic during EMS Week 2017. #EMSstrong Would you [...]

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AHA Celebrates Nurses’ Week: An Interview with Beth Mancini, Ph.D, MSN

AHA volunteer Beth Mancini speaks with ECC about her career as a nurse and nurse educator and her vision for the profession's future. What does Nurses Week mean to you? This week reminds us of the importance of nurses and their roles in maximizing the health of individuals, families, and communities. Specifically, for nurses, it provides a time [...]

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Becoming Empowered: CPR and the Power of One

Blog authored by David Martinez, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) signal maintainer, New York David Martinez receives the New York Daily News “Hometown Hero in Transit Award” at April 6, 2017 ceremony in New York. One man, reading one article and watching one video on CPR, one time… this sums up what prepared me to help save a life. [...]

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The Importance of Customer Service: An Interview with Tammy Turner, a member of EdCor’s Training Center Faculty

This is an interview with Tammy Turning, a member of EdCor's Training Center faculty.  Can you tell me a little bit about the history of EdCor? EdCor was started as a site in 2004 by my mother, Midge Burrows, and has been a center for almost four years now. We took what we learned from being a site and combined [...]

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