AHA sees progress on CPR graduation requirement

AHA is making headway toward CPR training becoming a high-school graduation requirement in all states! I’m excited to report that both Tennessee and Minnesota have recently passed or strengthened legislation for students to receive this lifesaving training while in school.

After passing the Tennessee legislature with overwhelming support, Governor Bill Haslam signed Senate Bill 1680, the Carmen Burnette Act of 2012.  This act strengthens the state’s CPR as a graduation requirement by assuring that all students will receive CPR training that includes hands-on practice and skills testing to support learning, as opposed to merely cognitive training.

In Minnesota, the AHA’s You’re the Cure network did an incredible job assuring their voices were heard and, as a result of their tireless efforts, the lifesaving CPR in Schools initiative is now law in Minnesota. Over the last three months, nearly 900 messages were sent to legislators, the Governor was presented with more than 1200 petitions, more than 100 meetings were held with advocates and legislators, more than 50 calls were placed to the Governor’s office and countless media stories ran throughout the state to stressing the urgency and importance of the CPR in Schools bill. Governor Mark Dayton signed the CPR in Schools bill into law, which will result in the creation of generations of lifesavers in land of ten thousand lakes!

Let’s keep the momentum going! Please join the CPR in schools movement by signing up at the campaign website, BeCPRSmart.org, where you can show your support, read incredible stories of survival and even add your own story.

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  1. This is great! Way to set a precedent TN and MN. I’d love to see this happen in NYC public schools where we have 1.1 million students enrollled. I’ll for certain join the CPR in Schools movement!

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