Hands-Only CPR Mobile Tour Discos Down the West Coast

Disco fever was high in San Francisco

The second leg of the AHA’s Hands-Only CPR Mobile Tour kicked off last week in Sacramento with stops at the State Capitol Building, the Department of Health Care Services and the Wells Fargo corporate headquarters, where we trained more than 800 people how to perform the simple steps of Hands-Only CPR following the beat of “Stayin’ Alive.” In the state capital, the tour celebrated our biggest event to date, with over 700 trained at the Department of Health Care Services alone!

 Before rolling south into San Francisco, we visited the Hewitt Packard headquarters in Palo Alto, where we trained nearly 400 employees. The day featured important survivor stories from Marcia Mills and Ken Byk and strong support from the Palo Alto Fire Department.

In San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza, we held two sessions, training more than 130 people. We enjoyed an enthusiastic crowd and amazing support from the San Francisco Fire Department and American Medical Response. Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White and Fire Medical Director Dr. Clement Yeh addressed the crowd, as did survivor Ken Byk and AMR’s Mike Padro, one of Ken’s rescuers (Ken and Mike met for the first time today!). Check out this excellent clip from the CBS affiliate, KPIX, to see Dr. Kim Mulvihill’s coverage of the event, as well as her disco moves!  http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/video/7766516-healthwatch-disco-rhythm-key-in-effective-cpr/

 After stops at Oracle’s headquarters and the Richmond Civic Center tomorrow, we’ll make our way to Los Angeles and San Diego. We’ll continue to provide you updates along the way as we show the Golden State our disco moves, including how to keep “Stayin’ Alive” with Hands-Only CPR!

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